Spencer Rhodes

Senior UI Engineer

Location Bay Area, CA

My name is Spencer and I’m a Web Developer with a passion for the User Interface and all things tech. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our three dogs, as well as playing guitar and making art. I am also a lover of science and enjoy learning about all kinds of nerdy topics.

Web Developer
User Interface


Work experience

Senior Software Engineer

Open Text (formerly Micro Focus)

May 2020 - now

  • Technical UI lead for a team of 5 engineers globally
  • Improved app load time by 30% with aggressive lazy loading and leveraging the Ivy AOT compiler
  • Introduced higher standards for code quality with pre-commit checks and automated testing
  • Introduced style guides for whole UI tech stack
  • Upgraded and re-engineered primary feature to Angular 10 with state management & simplified maintainability
  • Added tests for legacy code written without tests

MTS 5 (Senior UI Engineer)


August 2015 - April 2020

  • Created a living style guide showcasing existing UI widgets and style patterns for easy reference by teams across multiple continents to improve consistency of user experience
  • Architected mission critical disaster recovery & clone UI workflows for MS SQL & Oracle Databases, Pure storage arrays, NAS appliances, VMware Virtual Machines, and File recovery
  • Built UI to restore protection jobs archived on cloud storage services like AWS, Google Nearline, etc.
  • Worked closely with UX team to revise and implement the vision while meeting technical needs and limitations
  • Unit tested code to ensure quality using Karma, Jasmine, and Jest

Senior Software Developer

Badger Meter

February 2014 - August 2015

  • Architected and implemented a white-labelled and localizable prototype RESTful application for Utility customer-outreach using AngularJS
  • Created a UI style guide to unify and streamline reuse of UI components across multi-disciplinary teams
  • Introduced coding standards and procedures for building user interfaces on multiple applications
  • Implemented Python and MySQL backend + REST services for new features


Product Design

San Francisco State University

January 2004 - June 2006

BA Industrial Arts - Product development.


Spencer and I worked @Cohesity for almost 5 years. He is one of the early frontend engineers. I found him thorough, systematic, always open for suggestions, delivery-focused and very well organized professional. His technical expertise, passion to build a great UI and patience to go through multiple iterations under extreme time pressure helped to build a great yet simple user interface. He is a great asset to any organization and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Manoj Singhal

Team mate at Cohesity

It was a privilege to work with Spencer at Cohesity for more than 2 years. He is one of the best Frontend Engineers I have worked with. The level of quality in the features he has developed is exceptional. He would always work on a feature with a future vision which helps in scaling the feature with minimum maintenance. He brings in a lot of best code practices to the team via his code reviews. His feedback is always valuable in enhancing the code and design quality of the product. He is always available for help when the team is in need. He has the capability of taking massive projects and architect them. He is an excellent communicator and always vocal about new ideas for improving the product. He would be a great asset to any team he works for. It was a pleasure working with Spencer and would highly recommend him.

Maulik Fojdar

Team mate and co-conspirator at Cohesity

I’ve been working side-by-side with Spencer at Cohesity for almost five years, and he is a solid contributor that has a strong propensity to do things the right way. This is apparent in his attention to detail in code reviews, commitment to unit testing, defining and documenting of standards and best practices, and authorship of a flexible JIRA dashboard that countless co-workers use. Over the years, he has helped move the team forward in many ways while juggling feature work and assisting with customer issues. Cohesity wouldn’t be where it is today without his efforts, and I’m grateful that he is a part of our team.

Jeff Howard

Colleage at Cohesity and SolutionSet